After spending 20 years working for his father at Doug Mathews Team Sports, Tate Mathews founded Mathews Team Sports to make the transition from father to son in 2012. Mathews Team Sports serves many elite high school and university accounts in addition to all middle and high schools in the prestigious Williamson County School district. Examples of these schools are Middle Tennessee State University, Cumberland University, Tennessee State University, and the numerous high school districts. We have worked hard to assemble a dedicated staff whose primary function is to serve our customers. Natalie Mathews currently serves as CFO for the company but has also managed key accounts. Mathews Team Sports was founded on four core principles that guide all decisions we make: Strong Partnerships, Product Quality, On-Time Delivery, and Experience Matters.

Strong Partnerships

Mathews Team Sports values the partnerships we build with our customers as well as our manufacturers. Building and maintaining these partnerships is the foundation of our business. We also realize that partnerships go both ways, and when a partner supports our company and employees, Mathews Team Sports will do everything in its power to reciprocate that support. Whether that means screen-printing championship t-shirts on a Saturday morning or driving to Illinois to pick up reconditioned helmets, we pride ourselves on offering as much support as humanly possible. We are extremely proud of the partnerships we have built.  Our commitment to partnership extends well beyond athletic apparel which is clear with second term seven-year partnership with the Williamson County school district.

Product Quality

We partner with many of the top sporting goods manufacturers in the country. For apparel, stock and custom uniforms, we represent adidas, Under Armour, Wilson, Badger and Rawlings among many others. Due to our in-house screen-printing operation, embroiderer and graphic artist, we can quickly deliver top-quality decorated goods to our customers. Schutt, Douglas, Bison, Champro, Fisher and Athletic Specialties are just a few of the brands we carry to supply you with the best equipment available at excellent prices.

Picture of Mathews Team Sports clients.

On-Time Delivery

We place great value on our promises. It is our goal to deliver customer orders by their deadlines, and we do everything in our power to not only meet but exceed those deadlines. Our entire team is committed to doing whatever needs to be done to deliver on our promises. No one is perfect, but we pride ourselves on communicating with our partners if any delivery date is in jeopardy of not being met.  In addition, we offer daily deliveries within the region and communicate with front office staff and coaches when deliveries have been made.

Experience Matters

Tate Mathews has worked in the sporting goods industry since the age of 16. From washing screens in the print shop, to sorting hundreds of bags for little leagues, to ordering custom football jerseys, you can count on him to know this business inside and out. Natalie Mathews has been with the Mathews Team Sports since 2008 and similarly has handled many aspects of the business such as webstore sales and key account management.  She now serves as CFO.  Our entire team at Mathews Team Sports is trained to help our customers with any aspect of their order.

In 2017, Mathews Team Sports was recognized as one of only five dealers (out of 230 possible members) by Sports Inc with their prestigious Membership Excellence and Service Award. Dealers are selected by Sports Inc staff based on the following criteria:

  • Dealer’s administrative staff excels within the Sports, Inc. systems of billing, payments, claims, and account management.
  • Dealer is respected in the industry by both peer dealers and suppliers.
  • Dealer is supportive of Sports, Inc. corporate initiatives.
  • Dealer plays a prominent role in the past and future of Sports, Inc. and the independent team dealer industry.
  • Dealer is forward-thinking and adapts to evolving industry standards to provide exceptional customer service.

Additionally, MTS was recognized by adidas in June 2018 as one of the top 15 sporting goods dealers in the nation and our growth continues each year.